At Camp Sunshine, we were both the authors and audiences to stories of determination, inspiration, celebration and transformation. We learned what it means to write our own story, embrace other’s stories and weave together an unforgettable Sunshine story.

Stories of determination were crafted as pairs of campers and counselors climbed rung after rung, to reach the top of the cargo net. Within that, a story of steadfast love and encouragement unfolded as a camper and counselor leaned on one another, gaining strength from within to carry onto greater heights than either imagined achieving on their own.

Stories of joy and celebration transpired as campers unveiled their talents to the world, each encompassing the essence of their act as they stepped on stage.  In this, stories of fear emerged as nerves overwhelmed some campers, while stories of compassion triumphed as counselors stood hand in hand with the campers to face the fear together.

Stories of inspiration stirred within us, as we watched a counselor, afraid of heights, look into the eyes of her camper, drawing courage before setting her fears aside and leaping off the zip-line together.  

Stories of transformation were revealed as campers, counselors and staff shared happy moments and hard moments of each day. Moments of fear, and moments of courage. Stories were shared of first time campers who took risks and felt empowered to experience new adventures. Many counselors shared stories of how these precious moments will forever impact their lives outside of camp. Together, we experienced growth beyond measure on the sacred grounds of Camp Sunshine.

When our time at camp came to an end, our spiritual director, Mimi, encouraged us to look at our hands and feet. To think of the journey we have traveled together, as well as acknowledge the hands that go into making sunshine possible. The hands of nurses that tend our wounds, of the chefs that make our meals and the organizers that plan our days. The hands of the photographers that capture the moments, the musicians that strum the guitars and the PALs that belay the ropes. We think of the hands of the campers who teach, of the volunteers who serve and of community who supports. We are thankful for these hands. The hands that hold us together. That help craft stories. That interlock, and remind us- at Sunshine, our strengths cover our weaknesses.

What is Camp Sunshine?

Camp Sunshine offers people ages 12 – 50 with mild to moderate cognitive impairments the opportunity to attend summer camp in a safe, caring and inclusive environment. There is joyful spirit about Camp Sunshine that is transformative for every person who attends – whether you’re a camper, counselor or volunteer. We promote through words and actions an atmosphere that honors all people with total acceptance and unconditional love.

We invite you to become a part of Camp Sunshine as a camper, counselor, volunteer, or financial supporter. There is something sacred about being part of a group where everyone is loved and accepted “just the way they are.” It is a place for campers to feel included, to learn from others and grow in friendship. It is a place for volunteers to receive as much as they give and to learn as much as they teach. Most of all, we have fun! See what MLive, WoodTV, and WOTV for Women saw in 2014, or explore our website to learn more!

Camp Sunshine Inc

Important Dates

2017 Camp Sunshine at Camp Henry

Counselor Orientation:  July 1
Session 1: July 2-5
Session 2: July 6-9
Newaygo, MI

2017 Camp Sunshine at Blodgett

Counselor Orientation: July 30
Session 1: July 31-August 3
Session 2: August 4-7
West Olive, MI


Run for the Sun
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Holland, MI

Charity Golf Event
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Grand Rapids, MI