Shine Society

Camp Sunshine’s social giving club.  

Welcome to Shine Society, a group of amazing donors who choose to provide a monthly gift to Camp Sunshine.  When you become a member, you help ensure that Camp is accessible to all campers regardless of need. Our amazing Shine donors are both past and present counselors, who understand that making sure everyone who wants to get to camp, gets to camp.  No matter what!  Regardless of need.  


Select the maximum amount you want to donate each month
Join the movement and–

Making sure that everyone has the opportunity to shine.

We can come together to make sure that Camp continues to be affordable, accessible, and one of the highlights of our campers’ year. The true cost for a camper to go to camp is more than $1000, and we subsidize that cost by more than 70%–because we are committed to offering an opportunity that is reasonably priced and available to our campers.  Sometimes our campers need a little extra help, so we also offer scholarships thanks to the help of our amazing donors.  Camp Sunshine has never turned a camper away due to financial need, ever.  Shine Society ensures we can continue to keep Camp accessible whether a camper comes from means or financial hardship.

Camp Sunshine is that bright moment.  

When you serve as a Camp counselor, not only are you brightening your camper’s experience, but there’s a good chance that you too are impacted by your experience.  Bright moments abound!  We know that most counselors get involved because they want to help people with special needs, ironically, counselors receive as much if not more than what they give.  It’s through your time at Camp that you’ve probably realized just how much Camp actually helped you grow too.  You receive as much as you give, if not more.  

Everyone Deserves to Shine 

The reality is that many of our campers look forward to Camp from the moment their session ends.  Camp is one of the few places that people with disabilities know that no matter what, they will be accepted.  They know they can try something new, and love it.  They can make a mistake, without judgement.  They can find friends everywhere, anytime.  Shine Bright Society contributions are split between our scholarship fund and the actual cost of sending campers to camp, it’s 50/50.   

Make sure campers in need get help.

Because our amazing counselors come from a variety of backgrounds, we keep this simple with four giving levels–including the opportunity to offer more than the amounts below.  We understand that each of you are at a different point.  Some of you are still in college, others are just launching your careers, and some of you are established.  Every gift counts.  Every gift makes an impact.  We ask you to consider a gift that is reasonable and meaningful to you.   

  • $5/month
  • $10/month
  • $15/month
  • $25/month

Regardless of whether you gift $5/month or more, you become a part of our Shine Society.  You won’t see any silver, gold, platinum, or premier levels here–every gift is equally important.  Every single gift is equally important.

Small sacrifices, big purpose.

We know that you have all kinds of ways to spend your hard-earned money.  This is your opportunity to make a statement.  Your opportunity to ensure your camper, or another camper you have met can attend Camp Sunshine.  Many of our campers are impacted by the changing economy, which in turn limits or even eliminates their work options.  Imagine the company that you‘ve worked for the last seven years closes, and you and your peers are left with very few options.  Income is a significant challenge to many of our campers–and they deserve Camp no matter what.

Stay connected to your camp family.

If you’ve read this far, then you know that Camp Sunshine has touched your life.  We regularly hear from counselors that Camp has impacted their lives in a way that has not happened before.  We are so grateful for your time, your talent, your compassion, and your commitment.  

We will offer Shine Society events that provide you the opportunity to connect and network with the larger Camp family.